Bench Bazooka - Level I
Bench Bazooka - Level I
Bench Bazooka - Level I
Bench Bazooka - Level I

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Bench Bazooka - Level I

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A simple and revolutionary way to train your bench press.

Our Bench bazooka - level I is easy to use, just put it over your arms and above or around your elbows and you're good to go!

In fact every athlete could benefit using our Bench Bazooka, whether you're in to Fitness, Bodybuilding, CrossFit or Powerlifting it doesn't matter, this puppy will improve your bench in no- time!

So what does it do? 

It's the perfect tool to help you break through your 1RM by providing assistance with your Bench Press. The Bench Bazooka is specifically designed for overloading your benchpress, it helps your Central Nervous System adapt to new and heavier loads as well as the mental aspect of getting used to bigger weights on the bar.

If that wasn't enough, it also helps you out with your form. It helps keeping the elbows nice and tucked and keeps the lats tight!

Made from high quality materials, excellent for heavy use!

We advise this product for everyone with a 1RM of 100KG and below.

Difference between Level 1,2 and 3

Level 1: Softer fabric, more stretch about a 5- to 10% overload capacity.

Level 2: Less stretchy fabric, about a 10 - to 15% overload capacity

Level 3: Double layered robust fabric, about a 15 - to 20% overload capacity

Sizing Chart

Medium - Bodyweight less than 64Kg, 
Large - Bodyweight between 64-82Kg, 
XL - Bodyweight between 83-100Kg, 
2XL - Bodyweight between 101-136Kg, 
3XL - Bodyweight more than 136Kg