Premium Nylon Belt- Red Digital Camo
Premium Nylon Belt- Red Digital Camo
Premium Nylon Belt- Red Digital Camo

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Premium Nylon Belt- Red Digital Camo

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Optimal support and a customized contoured fit

The Tuff Guy - Premium Nylon Lifting Belt  is a durable, lightweight alternative to the traditional leather weightlifting belt. Made from a quality blend of Polyester and Polypropylene with an EVA foam core and firm Nylon construction for optimal support. It features a wider anatomical curve on the back and front to offer complete, firm support of the lower back and abdomen throughout squats, hang cleans, deadlifts, and so much more.

A steel roller buckle allows for a fully customizable and secure fit. It also makes it super easy to quickly tighten or loosen the belt when switching between heavy lifting movements and light/bodyweight movements. Our signature Red Digital Camo is designed for turning heads in the gym.

Beginner or expert competitor? Doesn't matter! Anyone can benefit from regularly using a quality "Tuff" Belt! 

What are you waiting for? Go crush the competition!


  • 16cm Belt with 5,5cm Support Strap
  • Lightweight Foam/EVA Core for Comfort
  • Steel Roller Buckle for Quick Custom Fit


  • Small:
  • Medium: 83cm - 96,5cm waist size
  • Large: